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Leadership Development

The digital era needs dynamic and authentic leaders who can connect teams, grow collaborative systems, and evolve at scale.

Why do you need story-driven Leadership Development?

Today’s world needs a different type of leadership. As trust in leaders plummets, true commitment has never been harder to win or more critical to retain (Edelman, 2016). Yet only 5% of companies currently feel they have leaders equipped to excel in the new environment (Deloitte, 2017).

Our story-driven approach helps leaders meet the demands of the new world and effectively engage their people as transparent, agile, empowering agents of change. By placing all development activities within the context of the wider strategic narrative, we help leaders understand the corporate narrative and personally connect to the organisation’s journey, focusing their collective efforts in service of a shared destination.

By using the story to explore, challenge and shift mindsets and behaviours, we help leaders become authentic champions of the organisational story, inspiring their people as role models in word and deed. We help leaders become skilled storytellers and facilitators, empowering them with a lasting capability that builds empathy, understanding and trust with their people, and opens up a two-way dialogue that supports the sharing of ideas, solutions and best-practice.

We help them embed a culture of continuous story-based learning that uses stories of success to empower employees with new ways of working for long-term high-performance.

We help leaders become skilled storytellers and facilitators: empowering them with a lasting capability that builds empathy, understanding and trust with their people.

What benefits will you gain?

We will help you to achieve:

Only 5% of companies currently feel they have leaders equipped to excel in the new environment.

Deloitte, 2017

How will we enable you to achieve this?

We offer a full programme of workshops and leadership interventions to achieve commitment, alignment to and ownership of the strategic narrative, which will in turn strengthen its impact in the rest of the organisation.

There are various ways in which we can offer support:

Leadership team coaching. Having aligned behind the organisational journey, leadership teams need to co-create mutually supportive ways of working together that fully serve the ambition of the strategic narrative. Leadership team coaching aims to strengthen the relationships and harness the collective intelligence of team members, building genuine, visible, cohesive leadership teams that role model the right behaviours and win the trust of the people they serve. Our experienced team coaches are uniquely qualified to facilitate these new conversations, creating the commitment and accountability needed to ensure the story’s success.

Capability-building. We provide expert guidance and coaching on how to become inspiring, authentic storytellers, able to engage teams in dynamic conversation that helps people take ownership of the strategic narrative and discover for themselves what they can do to make a difference. We also offer workshops within our programme that enable leaders to hone their technical skills as storytellers, maximising the impact they make as confident communicators as they build trust and consensus amongst their teams.

Training and tools. We provide creative, digital or paper-based tools and training to support leaders, and can deliver sessions either virtually or face-to-face, on any scale.