Our approach

Our methodology

The three Ms of behavioural change.

Lasting behaviour change comes when motivation, means, and momentum are provided simultaneously and continuously. We call these the three Ms.

These building blocks are cyclical and interconnected: highly motivated people without the means can’t change; highly capable people without motivation won’t change; both have little impact without the momentum to sustain change.

By meeting these states of need with the power and influence of storytelling, our unique methodology succeeds where other initiatives fail: creating a self-sustaining tipping point of behaviour change that delivers rapid and lasting results.  


Stories help us find personal meaning within a shared context, engaging us in a journey, connecting our emotional and rational minds and giving us a reason to believe. By sharing inspiring stories that illustrate the desired changes and give people a personal role to identify with, we create a constant state of motivation to change.

We will motivate your people by…


Stories are influential learning tools. They help us navigate change, process complexity and retain vital information. We enable leaders and managers to use storytelling to share success and illustrate examples of best practice, helping them learn lessons independently, align activity to the strategic narrative and adopt new behaviours.

 We will equip your people by…


Stories define the norms that shape our identity as individuals and groups. By socialising stories of successful change and harnessing key influencers within an organisation, we shift existing norms and embed ‘the way we do things around here’, maintaining momentum and keeping the Story alive

 We will…